CopyAs Bundles for Sequel Pro

At work I often have to run small and easy MySQL-queries for my colleagues as they would otherwise spend hours of finding the information they need. I usually use Sequel Pro to connect to a multitude of databases. For months now, I exported the result to csv, opened the file in Excel and then pasted the result to the comment field on bitrix24 tasks as it is then nicely layed out as a table.

Today I got really tired of the process and found the "Copy as Text Table" bundle by Carsten Blüm. Since bitrix24 uses BBCode as a markup language I simply changed the output of the bundle to

// open a table$result .= '[TABLE]' . "\n";foreach ($lines as &$line) {// add a row$result .= '[TR]';for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i ++) {$result .= '[TD]' . $line[$i] . '[/TD]';}$result .= '[/TR]' . "\n";}// close the table$result .= '[/TABLE]' . "\n";