get the grid view by default – Sight 1.0.1 Wpshower Theme

I have seen the question of how to have the grid view by default on the beautiful Sight 1.0.1 Theme by Wpshower on the web a couple of times now. And I liked the grid view better than the list view as well. Unfortunately I couldn't find an answer on the web...So I figured it out myself. It took me a couple of hours and a lot of trial and error to get there.I originally wrote the answer on stackoverflow:

You have to modify a line on each of the index.php, loop.php and archive.php.

index.php Line 5:

<a href="javascript: void(0);" id="mode"<?php if ($_COOKIE['mode'] == 'list') echo ' class="flip"'; ?>></a>

loop.php line 3:

<div id="loop" class="<?php if ($_COOKIE['mode'] == 'list') echo 'list'; else echo 'grid'; ?> clear">

archive.php line 22:

<a href="javascript: void(0);" id="mode"<?php if ($_COOKIE['mode'] == 'list') echo ' class="flip"'; ?>></a>

Then you'll also have to modify the js/script.js.

script.js lines 45-63:

/*** View mode ***/if ( $.cookie('mode') == 'grid' ) {grid_update();} else if ( $.cookie('mode') == 'list' ) {list_update();}$('#mode').toggle(function(){if ( $.cookie('mode') == 'list' ) {$.cookie('mode','grid');grid();} else {$.cookie('mode','list');list();}},function(){if ( $.cookie('mode') == 'grid') {$.cookie('mode','list');list();} else {$.cookie('mode','grid');grid();}});function grid(){$('#mode').removeClass('flip');$('#loop').fadeOut('fast', function(){grid_update();$(this).fadeIn('fast');});}function list(){$('#mode').addClass('flip');$('#loop').fadeOut('fast', function(){list_update();$(this).fadeIn('fast');});}function grid_update(){$('#loop').addClass('grid').removeClass('list');$('#loop').find('.thumb img').attr({'width': '190', 'height': '190'});$('#loop').find('.post').mouseenter(function(){$(this).css('background-color','FFEA97').find('.thumb').hide().css('z-index','-1');}).mouseleave(function(){$(this).css('background-color','#f5f5f5').find('.thumb').show().css('z-index','1');});$('#loop').find('.post').click(function(){location.href=$(this).find('h2 a').attr('href');});$.cookie('mode','grid');}function list_update(){$('#loop').addClass('list').removeClass('grid');$('#loop').find('.post').removeAttr('style').unbind('mouseenter').unbind('mouseleave');$('#loop').find('.thumb img').attr({'width': '290', 'height': '290'});$.cookie('mode', 'list');}

Finally you will have to rotate the images/mode.png by 180°

That should do it. As you can see it worked for me.